OLED Asia 2016
About conference
Organized by OLED Association and DEMAND-LED, OLED Asia 2016 will be held on June 15-16 in Seoul, Korea. This event will focus on the latest technology and application innovation in OLED industry. We expect to gather together all the experts and developers from the whole industry to discuss how we can accelerate the commercialization of various application. Featured with speakers from Panel makers and OEMs in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan.etc, OLED Asia will be a great opportunity to learn the most updated information in OLED industry.
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• T-R Production
• Flexible High Performance lighting panels
• New Blue High Performance Material
• Automotive
• Solutions to the challenge of foldable displays
• Long life Soluble Material
• How the Chinese Flat Panel Makers are Progressing in OLED displays and lighting
• More effective uses of FMM
• The ultimate convergence device -- foldable smartphone, tablet, notebook combination. etc
• Alternative Approaches to Printing
• New technologies that will impact the industry
• New Uses of Lighting in Homes and Businesses
• Video Walls
• Transparent Display Applications
• New Applications for OLEDs
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