WFTW 2015
About conference 
3rd annual Wearable and Flexible Technologies World 2016 will be held on September 22-23 in Shanghai, China. This time we will focus on XR(AR, VR, MR) development in wearables. Wearable device market is quickly expanding due to the development of cloud computing, smart sensor, flexible electronics and all other enabling technologies. During the year of 2015, The advancements in AR and VR boosted the emerging of various HMDs and smart glasses. Challenges facing the industry now include combination of fashion and function, overcoming data security and better customer experiences. In this event, We set high expectations to bring together major companies and knowledgeable specialists to discuss how to build an open-source ecosystem for wearable industry!
Conference highlights:
•Global Market Analysis
•Standardization and regulation process in China
•Big Data & Cloud computing
•Panel discussion on wearable ecosystem: Powering, security, design.etc
•Battery & power solutions
•Flexible Electronics: Flexible Display, OPV, battery. etc
•XR(AR/VR/MR) in wearables
•Immersive solution for visual, auditory, haptic, tracking
•Latest development for content and platform in XR
•Human-Computer Integration
•The challenges and opportunity facing adoption
•Application of XR in healthcare, industry, education. Etc
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