“E + Yi” — Exchange platform for creative Ideas and comprehensive solutions
“E + Yi” is an exchange platform dedicated to provide professional integrated solutions. The platform pays close attention to the latest developments and the hot topics in various industries. 
“E + Yi” platform, founded by DEMAND-LED MANAGEMENT CONSULTING LTD, also known as DL,  has been committed to organize international high-end electronic industry conferences and exhibitions. Featured with professional market planning team, high-quality information service and excellent organizational skills, DL has won a good reputation in the global electronics industry.
“E + Yi”  is willing to share all the resources to the public and industry experts. We irregularly organize various activities such as seminars, workshops, new product launches, guest roadshow, cross matching exchange,.etc. here you can experience the coolest products, the most dazzling technology, the freshest idea. You can network with the worldwide entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups.