Sales Representitives
Career Vision

1. Promoting yourself from Junior sales to Senior sales with over 200000 annual income.              
2. The opportunity to talk with top 100 company worldwide leaders and leading yourself to a bright future.                                   
3. Start working with high starting salary standard and excellent workmates making you grow rapidly. 
4. Unlimited income caps allows you to work with potential and motivation


1. College degree or above, majoring in English, Business, Marketing or Management are preferred
2. Excellent communication skills in both English and Mandarin
3. Extrovert, proactive, result-oriented and stress-resistant
4. Possess a passion for sales, self-motivation and ambition for a considerable income
5. Relevant sales experience preferred

Conference Producer 

Job responsibilities:  
1.Responsible for the deep research, collection and analysis of target industry. 
2.Communicating with top 100 companies’ executives and industrial experts, so as to master the latest industrial tendency and knowledge. 
3.Mastering the industry hotspot and tendency through the information you collected. 
4.Coordinating with project manager to make project execute plan 
5.Writing the agenda according to the previous research 
6.Responsible for making conference promotional materials. 
7.Inviting speakers referring to the agenda 
8.Continuously completing the agenda and ensuring inviting the most appropriate speakers, with the researching going deeply. 
9.Responsible for the site arrangement to make sure the high quality of conference and satisfying our guests. 
10.Maintaining the good relationship with speakers and participants 


Job requirements
1.Work in details, good execution skill, chasing excellence, and agree with the concept of DL Events. 
2.Bachelor degree or above, accept interns only who can work 5 days a week 
3.Pass CET6 (above 500 credits), excellent verbal and written English communication skills; 
4.Owning pioneering spirit and excellent communication skills to contact with leaders in all kinds of industries all over the world. 
5.Integrity, enthusiasm, a team-worker; 
6.Positive mental attitude with a competitive environment; can bear strong work pressure 
If you believe this is a good opportunity for you,please send your English and Chinese CV to: